Attention! We started producing mortar bomb propellers!

There is a huge demand for a mortar bomb propellers lately. These propellers are used to construct a bomb from a regular grenade, which can be precisely dropped from the drone. Ukrainian army successfully using these new innovating way to hit russian invaders.

We have purchased 3D printer, plenty of material and programmed it to print just these mortar bomb propellers according to given specifications. We have already shipped the first batch to one of the frontline units. Please contact us if you need these important crafts and we’ll try to accommodate your request. Also don’t forget that we continue accepting donations for SUV vehicle, thermal image scopes and now for materials for our 3D printer.



Medical kits were delivered to front line.

In close collaboration with non profit organizations named “Bukovina Heart” we successfully delivered medical kits to Ukrainian army unit. Yesterday we got another pack of medical kits from Dana Yarovaya and we will deliver these as soon as possible to those at the very front line. We are in desperate need to collect funding for SUV vehicle for the military unit at the very front line. We have no funding at the moment. Please help! Every penny counts!


Another SUV vehicle was delivered to Ukrainian soldiers

We delivered another SUV vehicle to Ukrainian defenders and very soon it will help them to fulfill tactical tasks at the very frontline. We keep working on fulfilling demands for our friends who fighting for Ukraine right now. Please help us with financial donations or anything else you can give away (drones, thermal image scopes, SUV vehicles, etc). Let’s keep praying for all those who defending Ukraine risking their lives. Slava Ukraini!


Another drone and thermal image scope is delivered to special Ukrainian tactical unit

Thanks to the solid financial support of Taras S and Igor N we successfully delivered drone and thermal image scope to our friends at the very frontline. These guys are real warriors and they had been training every day since 2014 to defend their country. They were participating in freeing of such cities as Hostomel, Borodyanka and minimum 3 other urban settlements. We do believe that our help will multiply this list by large number. These guys are fighting very hard, but unfortunately they losing equipment so they in constant need of refills (drones and SUV type vehicles are in a first place). Any donation is greatly appreciated. We keep believing in Ukrainian army and everyone who defends Ukrainian freedom. Slava Ukraini!


We deliver what Ukrainian warriors ask us

We fulfilled another order for our friend. We call it “order” because we communicate directly with Ukrainian soldiers fighting at frontline and deliver whatever they ask us. In many cases we go over our budget and spend our own money. At this moment we negative $2K so appreciate any donation.

P.S. Maybe some one can help us not with financial donations but with actual stuff we’re looking for: drones, thermal image scopes, vehicles, tactical helmets, etc. Please contact us if you have something you can help with.

Slava Ukraini!