One more Starlink satellite internet system is delivered to front line

Thanks to financial support from “Alpmontaj” company, we were able to purchase one more Starlink satellite internet system ($500 worth). It’s been already delivered to military unit at the very front line and our close friend is in this unit. It will help this unit to be connected to the internet on demand, hence being able to communicate.

We keep helping Ukrainian Army. To be more affective we organized GoFundMe campaign to collect funds for a minivan. This way we will be delivering aid ourselves, which will result in faster delivery and saving shipment costs. We have already collected 30% from the needed amount thanks to those who donated. The sooner we get this minivan the sooner we will become more affective in helping Ukrainian soldiers. Any donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate by clicking this link.

Starlink satellite internet system is delivered to front line

Souvenirs is another way to collect donations for Ukrainian soldiers.

As you might know, volunteers are using all the possible ways to collect funds needed to help Ukrainian soldiers. We’re not an exception and we’re also using all possible ways. We invested some of our funds in Ukrainian souvenirs and shipped it to San Francisco, USA. There in San Francisco, Ukrainian community along with music band Buryma Band organize all kinds of events to support Ukraine. So from now on they will sell our souvenirs and all the proceedings will go to our fund. The highest priority for us right now is to collect enough funds to buy a mini van, so we can deliver all the orders ourselves saving on delivery cost. We organized GoFundMe page to collect specifically for a mini van, or you can donate directly through our web site.

8 StarLink satellite internet systems delivered to Ukrainian frontline

Together with Kharkiv’s partners we delivered 8 StarLink satellite internet systems to Ukrainian frontline. You can see just one of the boxes in a picture below. The rest are in the military vehicle. Guys where in a big rush and we could make just this one pic. We have a lot of orders these days. Mostly because winter is close. So help with your donations so we can fulfill all these orders.

P.S. Taking into account all the expenses for shipping to frontline and big size orders (heaters, warm clothing, etc) we have opened a separate GoFundMe page to collect funds to buy a mini van. We will use it to deliver everything ourselves. Please donate as much as you can since it’s very urgent. Thank you!

8 StarLink satellite internet systems delivered to Ukrainian frontline

Another squad is supplied with individual medical kits.

Thanks to our close partner Bucos.volunteers, we were able to supply another frontline squad with individual medical kits. Big thank you to Oleksandr Priymak for helping with medical kit bags. And another big thank you to Dana Yarova for blood recovery medicine and equipment. A winter is ahead and we’re getting more and more requests for heaters and warm clothing. Please donate to help us to fulfill all these orders.

Another squad is supplied with individual medical kits

Our first delivery of Starlink satellite internet to frontline.

Thanks to financial help from certain individuals from digital industry (they asked us not to share their names), we were able to successfully deliver our first Starlink satellite internet system to frontline. This includes touchscreen tablet. News are shared quickly so we’ve got orders for 2 more such a systems. Please donate so we could fulfill these orders.

Medical help for civilians of Kharkiv and frontline soldiers of Sumy

Another aid is delivered. Medical uniform and medicine was delivered to one of the hospitals of Kharkiv. Another package with medical aid was delivered to one of the frontline units of Sumy region. As always a big thank to our partner, a nonprofit organization “Serce Bukovini” for medicine supply. And big thank you to everyone else who participated in this initiative. And we continue collecting donations for many future initiative that get us closer to the victory!

Medical help for civilians is delivered to Sumy.

We don’t forget about civilians in affected regions. This time we supplied various medical supplies to the city of Sumy and its suburbans. Guys from our team delivered help to specific addresses as well as medical offices and child day care. We are waiting for the report from Kharkiv as well where we sent additional help. As always our partner and nonprofit organization “Serce Bukovini” helped us with most of the medical supplies. Please donate so we can help even more civilians.

Another batch of medical supply for the frontline soldiers.

We delivered another batch of medical supply for the frontline soldiers – adhering wraps, pain killers, antibiotics, medical kits and other stuff. A special thank you to our partner, nonprofit organization “Serce Bukovini” for medicine supply. We have a very close partnership with them and they always help us a lot. We continue accepting donations to help our frontline soldiers. We are overwhelmed with all the orders and need funding. Your help is greatly appreciated.