Donations from school students were delivered to our friend fighting at frontline

Today I met with Tetyana Sporinina, a teacher from Chernivtsi Gymnasium #11 (a former public school #35). She handled me an envelope with 7720 hryvnias (it’s about $208.84) collected from school students to support our former student Oleksandr who is fighting at frontline. I want to thank all students, parents and teachers for organizing this fund raising. For us with Oleksandr this school will always be remembered as Chernivtsi public school #35.

Also a big thank you for everyone who helped to cover soldiers own cost to purchase pickup truck for 82nd Air Assault Brigade (it was covered in our previous post). We transferred the money to soliders’ bank accounts. The amount of donations exceeded the required sum, so the rest of the money we spent on purchasing a spectrum analyzer which is needed to monitor the sky against enemy drones. For now we covered all the needs for this unit, but we continue collecting donations. The winter is coming and we would need much more funding.

We’ve got a truck full of humanitarian help from Italy

A big truck full of humanitarian help just arrived from Italy. We are going to distribute it to all in need, both to Ukrainian army soldiers and civilians. A big thank you to “Dopomojimo jiti” – a humanitarian help association of Ukraine which is lead by Anjela Kotik. From Italy side, our friend Anatoliy Balanyuk collected help from Italian volunteers and humanitarian help association from Trento, Italia, which is lead by Dario Battisti. Anatoliy also helped to arrange transportation to Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Also we’re very thankful to local volunteers from Chernivtsi, for helping to unload truck and help with storing all these items. Everything was well coordinated and taken care of. Please join us helping Ukrainian army soldiers and civilians by donating here.

DELIVERED: pickup truck for 82nd Air Assault Brigade of Ukraine

Our guys from 82nd Air Assault Brigade, finally got a pickup truck they desperately needed to evacuate wounded soldiers and those who lost their lives during combat. Thank you everyone who made the donations from various parts of world, even from Australia! But there is one caveat. Part of the sum for pickup truck was covered by soldiers themselves so it would be nice to cover those costs and return so hardly earned money to this guys. Please donate as much as you can, every dollar counts.

pickup truck for 82nd Air Assault Brigade of Ukraine

Delivered digital radios to 82nd Air Assault Brigade of Ukraine

We would like to thank everyone who helped on getting digital radios to 82nd Air Assault Brigade. The price of one is around $1400. We delivered two of these. One of these radios was personally purchased by Oleksander Priymak. Finally guys are will have high quality connection. But they are also in desperate need of pick up truck to help with evacuating wounded and those who lost their lives. Please donate here if you would like to help.

Delivered digital radios to 82nd Air Assault Brigade of Ukraine

Continue supplying Ukrainian war frontline with very needed supplies.

Thanks for financing from our San Francisco friends (Alex Lind, Inga Lind and Buryma Band), we have purchased SUV vehicle, heavy duty tires and tactical medical kits. We delivered all this to the frontline unit. Also, thanks to continued financial support from from “Alpmontaj” company, we have delivered to another unit 50 high quality tourniquets  and AK-47 magazines. We don’t stop until our full victory. Please support us donating here. Slava Ukraini.

We focusing now on delivering SUV vehicles to Ukrainian frontline.

Finally got to write an update. We are so busy volunteering that barely find time to post an update. So far we delivered:

  • medical kits
  • Starlink satellite internet system for Special Operations Forces (SSO) unit
  • over 10 SUV vehicles

We are also buying right now a tow truck to reduce the cost of delivering SUV vehicles for Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As always a big thank you to our colleges from Germany for humanitarian help. And big thank you to “Alphamontaj” company for continues financial support. Please join our forces by supporting us with your donations.

Delivered heavy duty tires and much more for Ukrainian Army units

Another report for you guys. One of the military units received a heavy duty tires which is very in need with the upcoming events. Another unit got 2 generators,  2 boxes of socks and bunch of lid lamps for dugouts. This guys are still in desperate need of Starlink satellite internet system and drone. Please donate to help this guys to operate more affectively and save their lives.

As always, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill these orders without a help from our partners from Germany and “Alpmontaj” company. A big thank you from us and from our soldiers.

Help needed to repair the vehicle — URGENT

Dear friends. We’ve got into force-major situation and need an urgent help. We have purchase a vehicle in France for Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our good friend and partner Alex Lind agreed to transfer this vehicle from France to Ukraine. Alex lives in San Francisco, and it’s not the first time he comes to Ukraine with humanitarian aid and to volunteer. This time is not exception. He brought a lot of much needed including 50 pieces of ITClamp – a very effective hemorrhage control device for open wounds (which is very pricy). Unfortunately while transferring a car through Slovenia, it got broken and requires replacement of fan, thermostat, radiator and gas pump. The cost of repair is 750 Euros. What’s even worse is that he could be late to his plane back to USA. That’s why we need to fix this vehicle as soon as possible. If you want to help him directly, please donate to his paypal: email Or you can donate through our site and we’ll pass it to him. Thank you!

Help needed to repair the vehicle -- URGENT

Our regular report with many thanks.

Our regular report from the frontline soldiers and pre-frontline hospital volunteers. Big thank you to:

  • SOS Ukraine e.V. who are not the first time help us to fulfill some our orders 
  • a nonprofit organization Serce Bukovini for distributing humanitarian help at pre-frontline hospital
  • an “Alpmontaj” company for continues financial support that make it possible to ship packages and fulfill urgent orders
  • friends fro San Francisco for handling us ITClamp – a very cool hemorrhage control device for open wounds; also they helped us to get notebooks and phones for Armed Forces of Ukraine

We still have a hope to collect enough donations to get an ambulance vehicle for transporting wounded soldiers. Please donate as much as you can.