Donations from school students were delivered to our friend fighting at frontline

Today I met with Tetyana Sporinina, a teacher from Chernivtsi Gymnasium #11 (a former public school #35). She handled me an envelope with 7720 hryvnias (it’s about $208.84) collected from school students to support our former student Oleksandr who is fighting at frontline. I want to thank all students, parents and teachers for organizing this fund raising. For us with Oleksandr this school will always be remembered as Chernivtsi public school #35.

Also a big thank you for everyone who helped to cover soldiers own cost to purchase pickup truck for 82nd Air Assault Brigade (it was covered in our previous post). We transferred the money to soliders’ bank accounts. The amount of donations exceeded the required sum, so the rest of the money we spent on purchasing a spectrum analyzer which is needed to monitor the sky against enemy drones. For now we covered all the needs for this unit, but we continue collecting donations. The winter is coming and we would need much more funding.