Our first delivery of Starlink satellite internet to frontline.

Thanks to financial help from certain individuals from digital industry (they asked us not to share their names), we were able to successfully deliver our first Starlink satellite internet system to frontline. This includes touchscreen tablet. News are shared quickly so we’ve got orders for 2 more such a systems. Please donate so we could fulfill these orders.

Medical help for civilians of Kharkiv and frontline soldiers of Sumy

Another aid is delivered. Medical uniform and medicine was delivered to one of the hospitals of Kharkiv. Another package with medical aid was delivered to one of the frontline units of Sumy region. As always a big thank to our partner, a nonprofit organization “Serce Bukovini” for medicine supply. And big thank you to everyone else who participated in this initiative. And we continue collecting donations for many future initiative that get us closer to the victory!

Medical help for civilians is delivered to Sumy.

We don’t forget about civilians in affected regions. This time we supplied various medical supplies to the city of Sumy and its suburbans. Guys from our team delivered help to specific addresses as well as medical offices and child day care. We are waiting for the report from Kharkiv as well where we sent additional help. As always our partner and nonprofit organization “Serce Bukovini” helped us with most of the medical supplies. Please donate so we can help even more civilians.

Another batch of medical supply for the frontline soldiers.

We delivered another batch of medical supply for the frontline soldiers – adhering wraps, pain killers, antibiotics, medical kits and other stuff. A special thank you to our partner, nonprofit organization “Serce Bukovini” for medicine supply. We have a very close partnership with them and they always help us a lot. We continue accepting donations to help our frontline soldiers. We are overwhelmed with all the orders and need funding. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We delivered another vehicle and more medical kits to frontline

Our organization delivered another vehicle to frontline. Our guys delivered and handled it personally. Obviously we couldn’t let it got empty. This vehicle and the one that was accompanying it was filled with medical kits and other necessary stuff. Thank you everyone who helped to fill these vehicles with humanitarian aid. A special thank you to volunteering organization “Dobrotvorec” for supplying medical kits. We keep working and you can join over efforts with donation.

We closed one of the military unit requests.

Thanks to all your help, we fully fulfilled one of the orders from frontline military units. You can read more about it here. Thank you everyone for the help. Special thank you to our partners from Kharkiv (Igor, hello!) and from “Alpmontaj” company for significant financial support. We continue collecting donations to cover other requests. Your help is greatly appreciated. Donate here.

More medical help for the frontline

We’ve got another package with adhering wraps and other much needed medical stuff for the frontline soldiers. We also got similar stuff from our partner nonprofit organization “Serce Bukovini”. Some of it was delivered to Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the Sumy area. The rest will go to different locations of the frontline. And we continue to collect donations to fulfill the requests we received from military units. You can read about it here and here.

Another request for help

We’ve got another request from Ukrainian military unit. Getting such a requests means that we do a good job and more an more Ukrainian soldiers ask us for help. But we can not be doing all this without your financial support. Let’s keep working together, any donation is greatly appreciated.


We need your help.

Friends, we need your help. We’ve just got a letter below with request from military station close to frontline. Unfortunately we don’t have enough funding to cover all this list. Thus we need your help. Donation in any amount will get us close to close this request. It’s just money we’re giving away, and those in need giving away their lives.