We delivered ambulance vehicle to frontline medics.

We haven’t wasted any time. Just arranged a purchase and delivery of the ambulance vehicle to very frontline medics. Our friends from mechanical company FIORD helped us to fix some mechanical problems (not a first time by the way) and repainted it to make it ready to serve our frontline medics. Today, this ambulance vehicle was finally delivered to frontline unit which is having break right now after a week of combat. It’s good that they will be able to get used to the vehicle and all the tools without being distracted by constant shelling. We are having a huge demand for ambulance vehicles and we have a supply channel. All we need is funding. Please donate as much as you can to save someones live.

Finally we replaced thermal image scope with the new one and more stuff we supplied.

Here is our report from the frontline. Thanks to our friends from Canada, in particular Igor from Toronto who organized donation campaign, we delivered a new thermal image scope to our close friend on frontline, who lost previous one during the fight with russian orcs (details here). Also we delivered 2 combat helmets to replace the damaged ones (see the photos below). In addition we delivered a bunch of camo nettings, feet warmers and other stuff. A special thank you to Valeriy Prokofiev for helping us to deliver another Starlink satellite internet system to those in desperate need at frontline. And of course a special thanks to our regular supporter Boris Feldman. Only we know how much time we bother him for help and he never refuses. We are rising our bars and our new goal is to get an anti drone gun which is very pricy thing, Please donate as much as you can to contribute to our victory!

We delivered 4 thermal image scopes and a drone to frontline unit.

Another confirmed delivery of 4 thermal image scopes and a drone to frontline unit. This devices already serve for the people of Ukraine. We are continuing focusing on getting more chemical feet warmers that we deliver to many units fighting on the East. Please remember that a price of one cup of coffee is equal to one chemical feet warmer that will keep soldier’s feet warm for 8 hours. Please donate your cup of coffee here.

Delivered aid for newly formed Special Operations Forces (SSO) unit.

Yesterday we delivered a solid aid for newly formed Special Operations Forces (SSO) unit. This unit was formed from the best soldiers from other units, so very soon they will deliver “explosive” results. A special thank you to our partners from Germany – SOS Ukraine e.V.  They helped us to obtain 2 electric generators that keep our units functional at frontline. Also big thank you to everyone who donated recently. Because of you we obtained Starlink satellite internet system, chemical warmers, cold weather ammunition and napkins for cleaning weapons. We keep focusing on getting more chemical feet warmers that we deliver to those units fighting on the East. Think about it – a price of one cup of coffee is equal to one chemical feet warmer that will keep soldier’s feet warm for 8 hours. Please donate your cup of coffee here.

Drone is delivered to front line and we urgently need a thermal image scope.

Just got a message that a drone DJI Mavic 3 was successfully delivered to front line and is already serving this military unit. I might already know that we not only helping by collecting donations and purchasing necessary stuff. But we also help other volunteering organizations in purchasing stuff they need abroad and delivering it to Ukraine. The prices in Ukraine are over 20%-30% higher than abroad and for the high priced items this difference could be thousands of dollars.

These days we are focused on getting thermal image scope for our close friend. The one they had was damaged during the combat fight. Unfortunately they lost two soldiers. If not that thermal image scope, they would lose much more warriors. We need to get it delivered as soon as possible. Please donate if you want to help with this initiative.

Our first very own delivery of humanitarian aid to Mykolaiv’s hospital

As promised and as planned,  we did purchase a minivan and made our first delivery of much needed humanitarian aid to the 5th City Hospital of Mykolaiv. This hospital is so packed with wounded soldiers that there is a very little room for civilians. We would like to thank everyone who took their part in make this happen. A special thanks to students of the 4th special school in Chernivtsi. Kids is our future and it so good to see how they join the common effort to help our warriors. We are getting ready for the next batch of delivery. You could speed it up by donating here.

A report from Ukrainian war frontline

Here is a report from frontline. Along with “Dobrotvoretz” and “Chernivtsi Kikimori” volunteering organizations we delivered so much needed stuff to various positions. We never stop helping our warriors. But now the demand is so big because of the winter season. Please help to those who defending Ukrainian freedom by donating here.

One more Starlink satellite internet system is delivered to front line

Thanks to financial support from “Alpmontaj” company, we were able to purchase one more Starlink satellite internet system ($500 worth). It’s been already delivered to military unit at the very front line and our close friend is in this unit. It will help this unit to be connected to the internet on demand, hence being able to communicate.

We keep helping Ukrainian Army. To be more affective we organized GoFundMe campaign to collect funds for a minivan. This way we will be delivering aid ourselves, which will result in faster delivery and saving shipment costs. We have already collected 30% from the needed amount thanks to those who donated. The sooner we get this minivan the sooner we will become more affective in helping Ukrainian soldiers. Any donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate by clicking this link.

Starlink satellite internet system is delivered to front line