One more thermal image scope for very special person

We know it’s getting boring reading our news about delivering thermal image scopes to our Ukrainian warriors. Even though each of it costs $1,300. But thanks to you all we have delivered 5 of them. But this one is special. It went out to a guy we know from very childhood. Oleksiy had known him from very kinder garden, and Ievgen knew him since elementary school. Over 40 years! We call him “Jora”. He joined Territorial Defense Forces at first but recently got mobilized to Ukrainian army and got thrown to a front line in Donetsk direction.

Our guys keep fighting and destroying this “cancer tumor”. So us are supposed to supported them until all this madness ends. From all of those who support Ukraine, everyone has his own place. And unless you joined Ukrainian forces, all you could do is support. Support with donations. And we guarantee your donations will get to those who need it without third parties. Check out our news section to see the results of our mission. Slava Ukraini!


A solid package was delivered to those who desperately need it.

Another package was delivered to the very frontline. We delivered thermal image scope, tactical headphones, and much more. We are happy that we fulfilled all the orders for this military unit where our close friend is fighting. But we also work with other units as well. Just got a request for another thermal image scope. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Slava Ukraini!


One more thermal image scope delivered!

Thanks to all your donations, especially our friends from Toronto, we successfully delivered another thermal image scope to a very front line of Kharkiv region. Rest assure it will help our soldiers in many ways. We have a long list of items we need to get so please donate as much as you can. We’re looking forward for the victory. We trust Ukrainian Army, Territorial Defense Forces, Marine Corps, Police and all those who bravely defend our country from russian nazi. Slave Ukraini!


We saved live! Thank you for all your support

We’ve got a news that during a shelling of volunteering center in Kharkiv, medical volunteer got a severe wound into his leg. Here is a video that shows this shelling. Using the tourniquet we sent, he was able to stop a heavy bleeding which saved his live. We sent hundreds of tourniquets and hope we saved many more lives but in this case we know that we did for sure!


Everyone who supported us with donations should be proud of yourself. You are the ones who saved his live and he will save many more lives once he recovers…

It’s been a while since we listed those who supported us with donations. Thanks to all of you we raised over $15,000 and used every dollar to help Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. You can always check our progress in the news section. Thank you so much to every one of you. We list just the first name and the first letter of last name for obvious reasons. But if you don’t want to be listed please let us know:

  • Nataliya K
  • Ivan K
  • Dan H
  • Jill E
  • Nadiya S
  • Oleksiy S
  • Eugene B
  • Mykhailo V
  • Lena I
  • Taras S
  • Yuliia K
  • Serhiy P
  • Ivan Z
  • Tatyana S
  • Igor Sh
  • Vlad K
  • Yulia L
  • Oscar Sc
  • Alex B
  • Vira P
  • Elena O
  • IT2GO
  • I Feigen
  • Andrei C

Together we will win. Slava Ukraini!

More tourniquets delivered

One more of our friends who are fighting at front line got so much needed tourniquets delivered. Remember that most of the non-life treating wounds could result in deaths because of the excessive bleeding. Tourniquets do save lives in such situations. We’re continuing accepting donations and focusing now on purchasing thermal image scopes and another vehicle.



First vehicle we delivered to front line

Thanks to combined efforts and financial help from Michael K., Ivan L. and Yuriy A, we were able to deliver this nice SUV to our close friend on a very front line. They desperately needed it to accomplish various tactical tasks and they already use it for this specific purpose. We are looking to get another one, so any donation is greatly appreciated.


Another delivery to our doctor-heroes in Kharkiv

This is Mr. Volodymir – a chief of surgeon department in  Kharkiv’s city hospital #18. He is very talented surgeon and every day he saves lives of Ukrainian soldiers from the frontline. We’re happy to help him with bullet-proof vest and tourniquets – many lives depend on this guy! We have lots of work to do, our back list of items to deliver is growing and we continue accepting donations. Our main focus still remains on thermal image scopes.


The most stressful delivery we’ve ever made

To tell you that it was tough to arrange this delivery, wouldn’t convey you all the stress that we had. The package was going to our very close friend and the destination was the very front line. No one is willing to go there, because there is 50/50 chance to come back alive.

A brave girl did agree to drive there and she did it! We were waiting impatiently for the news from her to make sure she’s Ok. She delivered very much needed supplies that we can’t get into details about. But we do believe that her risk would definitely help those at the very front line and will make it close for the victory.

We continue collecting donations for thermal image scopes which is our main focus these days.