Another package delivered directly to Ukrainian soldiers


Our classmate Oleksandr Volodkin

We have delivered another package to the Eastern Ukraine war zone. The package was delivered directly to our classmate Oleksandr Volodkin who then distributed it among the soldiers. The package included the following:

– 6 boxes of cosmetic vaseline. It’s being used by Ukrainian soldiers to prevent cold injuries of their faces
– 5 balaclavas – these are ski masks that protect face from cold too
– 4 pairs of woolen socks
– 10 packs of candles
– 4 packs of cold medicine
– 2 metal cups

The winter is around the corner in Ukraine. As of now the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and it will be getting even colder soon. The warm cloth and various heating devices are in a big demand now. We will be sending another package soon.