One more thermal image scope for very special person

We know it’s getting boring reading our news about delivering thermal image scopes to our Ukrainian warriors. Even though each of it costs $1,300. But thanks to you all we have delivered 5 of them. But this one is special. It went out to a guy we know from very childhood. Oleksiy had known him from very kinder garden, and Ievgen knew him since elementary school. Over 40 years! We call him “Jora”. He joined Territorial Defense Forces at first but recently got mobilized to Ukrainian army and got thrown to a front line in Donetsk direction.

Our guys keep fighting and destroying this “cancer tumor”. So us are supposed to supported them until all this madness ends. From all of those who support Ukraine, everyone has his own place. And unless you joined Ukrainian forces, all you could do is support. Support with donations. And we guarantee your donations will get to those who need it without third parties. Check out our news section to see the results of our mission. Slava Ukraini!