Finally we replaced thermal image scope with the new one and more stuff we supplied.

Here is our report from the frontline. Thanks to our friends from Canada, in particular Igor from Toronto who organized donation campaign, we delivered a new thermal image scope to our close friend on frontline, who lost previous one during the fight with russian orcs (details here). Also we delivered 2 combat helmets to replace the damaged ones (see the photos below). In addition we delivered a bunch of camo nettings, feet warmers and other stuff. A special thank you to Valeriy Prokofiev for helping us to deliver another Starlink satellite internet system to those in desperate need at frontline. And of course a special thanks to our regular supporter Boris Feldman. Only we know how much time we bother him for help and he never refuses. We are rising our bars and our new goal is to get an anti drone gun which is very pricy thing, Please donate as much as you can to contribute to our victory!