We saved live! Thank you for all your support

We’ve got a news that during a shelling of volunteering center in Kharkiv, medical volunteer got a severe wound into his leg. Here is a video that shows this shelling. Using the tourniquet we sent, he was able to stop a heavy bleeding which saved his live. We sent hundreds of tourniquets and hope we saved many more lives but in this case we know that we did for sure!


Everyone who supported us with donations should be proud of yourself. You are the ones who saved his live and he will save many more lives once he recovers…

It’s been a while since we listed those who supported us with donations. Thanks to all of you we raised over $15,000 and used every dollar to help Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. You can always check our progress in the news section. Thank you so much to every one of you. We list just the first name and the first letter of last name for obvious reasons. But if you don’t want to be listed please let us know:

  • Nataliya K
  • Ivan K
  • Dan H
  • Jill E
  • Nadiya S
  • Oleksiy S
  • Eugene B
  • Mykhailo V
  • Lena I
  • Taras S
  • Yuliia K
  • Serhiy P
  • Ivan Z
  • Tatyana S
  • Igor Sh
  • Vlad K
  • Yulia L
  • Oscar Sc
  • Alex B
  • Vira P
  • Elena O
  • IT2GO
  • I Feigen
  • Andrei C

Together we will win. Slava Ukraini!