Ukrainian soldiers are in desperate need of quality radio

We contacted a head of territorial defense battalion of Ukraine and he let us know that they are in desperate need of high quality radio. We have previously delivered Baofeng UV-5R Plus radios and received very positive feedback from soldiers who used it in real conditions. Please donate as much as you can so we order more Baofeng UV-5R Plus radios.

Besides that we made another delivery to those who protect their country. The following items were delivered:

– 1 cold weather resistant sleeping bag
– 1 box of soups (104 packages)
– 1 box of sunflower oil (15 bottles)
– 20 packs of sugar
– 4 boxes of fast cooking soup
– 8 kilos of candies
– 7 kilos of biscuits
– 1 box of crackers

Thank you Oleh Tatuyko and Konstantin Asmalovskiy for your financial support!