Ukrainian Army needs your help even more

The situation in Eastern Ukraine suddenly became even worth. Intense fighting has escalated around the Donetsk Airport, Debaltseve and Mariupol. Donetsk Airport is all in ruins. A pieceful city of Mariupol has been recently shelled by terrorists using multiple rocket launching system “Grad” and “Uragan”. Ukrainian army is now engaged in direct combat with Russian troops, including more than 2,000 Russian soldiers and over 200 tanks that have crossed the border in recent days. That’s why Ukrainian Army needs your help like never before!

The latest package we delivered to Ukrainian soldiers includes the following:

– 1 kevlar combat helmet
– 6 sets of thermal underwear
– 1 pair of padded combat pants
– 2 pairs of warm gloves
– 1 box of canned fish (36 cans)
– 10 packages of buckwheat
– 20 packages of sugar
– 2 boxes of soups (136 packages)
– 1 box of toilet paper (48 rolls)
– small christmas tree
– quite a lot of kids drawings

A huge THANK YOU to all who contributed, in particular: Irina Linska, Roman Korol, Ilona Sokil, Alexandr Chervinchik and Konstantin Asmalovskiy.