Medical help we shipped today

Today we finally shipped everything we have purchased so far in the US for Ukrainian soldiers. This post will be focusing on the medical related items we shipped with a short description.


To be honest with you, we were not aware of what tourniquet is until this whole madness started. We don’t know why the need for this critical item didn’t come up back in 2014, must be because the volume of wounding was much lower than now. In short, tourniquet is a medical device used to affectively prevent bleeding from open wound. Here is an example of how it’s applied so you understand:


One important thing about tourniquet is that it can be applied with one hand (in case the other hand is disabled). So, every soldier can have it to his own possession and apply when needed. Believe it or not Ukrainian army wouldn’t even have this vital device. So the demand is huge now taking into account a scale of the war. We have purchased same type of tourniquets but in two colors. The one that is shown above – 30 pieces. They come with scissors. The total cost was $199.57:

IMG_9977 2

But then we found a good deal on black ones and ordered 185 pieces for $937.84 in total:


Celox is like a powder that is being used to stop the bleeding. We ordered 12 pieces for $194.28 in total:


First Aid Kits

And finally we ordered 5 pieces of first aid kits for$186.12 in total. These ones will go directly to our close friends who are fighting at front lines right now. These kits have everything needed including: Tactical Molle Pouch, Conforming Stretch Gauze, Sterile Lubricating Jelly, Povidone Iodine, CPR Mask, Surgical Sutures, Sterile Water, Water Purification Tablets, Lubricating Jelly and ABD Pad: