Help needed to repair the vehicle — URGENT

Dear friends. We’ve got into force-major situation and need an urgent help. We have purchase a vehicle in France for Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our good friend and partner Alex Lind agreed to transfer this vehicle from France to Ukraine. Alex lives in San Francisco, and it’s not the first time he comes to Ukraine with humanitarian aid and to volunteer. This time is not exception. He brought a lot of much needed including 50 pieces of ITClamp – a very effective hemorrhage control device for open wounds (which is very pricy). Unfortunately while transferring a car through Slovenia, it got broken and requires replacement of fan, thermostat, radiator and gas pump. The cost of repair is 750 Euros. What’s even worse is that he could be late to his plane back to USA. That’s why we need to fix this vehicle as soon as possible. If you want to help him directly, please donate to his paypal: email Or you can donate through our site and we’ll pass it to him. Thank you!

Help needed to repair the vehicle -- URGENT