Camo Netting for Ukrainian Army

One way of how civilian people in Ukraine help their army is crafting camo netting. Camo netting is needed to camouflage Ukrainian Army positions at the conflict front. Terrorists-rebels are using pilotless planes quite often to discover the exact positions of Ukrainian Army troops and then the massive artillery strike follows. Regular people from all over Ukraine produce a huge pieces of camo netting to save lives of their heroes. We have arranged the production of camo netting in our city and delivered today 4 pieces (6 X 3 meters in size).

We have also delivered one advanced combat helmet and the following products:

– 20 packs of sugar
– 20 packs of corn flour
– 1 box of canned beans (12 cans)
– 1 box of fast cooking soup Mivina (104 packs)

Thanks for all the support we get. We need more support to continue helping Ukrainian Army, so please donate if you do care!